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Is There A Template For An E-Book?

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In the last few years some excellent resources have been created, and they are available to you if you’re wondering about a template for an e-book. Yes, you can certainly plug your information into a template and complete your book quickly as a result.

But thinking about a web platform or downloadable template is just one way to structure your e-book in order to get it published soon. Sue Painter posted on The Future Of Ink this week, and she used human anatomy as a metaphor. She called her post, “Anatomy of An E-book.”

Painter says, “It can be overwhelming to get your ideas and expertise organized and captured, but it doesn’t have to be.

info marketink book template

Is There A Template For An E-Book?

I recommend asking yourself, ’what 5 things do I want my end user to absolutely get out of my product?’

Start putting information under each of these subtopics.  Go back and create an introduction to the broad topic.  Create transitions among the subtopics.  Most information marketers have content hiding in previous publications, speeches, blog posts, and audio or video files so make sure you glean useful information that you’ve already created once and use it.”

She has said a lot in that paragraph, so I suggest you go back and read it again because it can really set you on your course towards e-book publishing, perhaps faster than you thought.

Creating an outline, which is basically the skeleton of your e-book, and then creating the important transitions linking the points together IS the process of writing your e-book.

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