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Is There Such A Thing As A Marketing Success Formula?

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Naturally, the answer you get depends on the person you ask. Is there such a thing as a marketing success formula? If you ask me, I say this – the answer is always changing with the times, and it depends on who and WHEN you ask. Nobody likes vague answers, that’s for sure. But this question has no single, definite answer for all time.

Michael J McLaughlin posted his unique perspective on Rain Today, and I think it is worth sharing here:

“Don’t get me wrong, making money is a good thing. You’ve got to have a roof over your head. In the long run, though, it isn’t reason enough to motivate you and attract the clients you want to work with.

info marketing business conversion improvement

Is There Such A Thing As A Marketing Success Formula?

Think about money as a result of your efforts, not the driving force behind them.”

Maybe you can relate to McLaughlin’s words. I can. I have the very good fortune to have built a career doing something I enjoy, and teaching others to do it as well. That is the enviable position of a consultant in a growing industry, which happens to be information marketing.

As you select your topic area of expertise and build your information products in order to launch or enhance your career, chances are good that you will become a consultant, in case you are not already consulting with clients now.

McLaughlin elaborates on this idea by saying:

“People engage (and do business) with those who have a strong sense of purpose. If it’s clearly articulated, your reason for being in business will draw clients to you.

To keep clients, you have to deliver on your promises and be great at what you do, of course. But your clear purpose creates and strengthens the initial attraction.”

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