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Is Your Blog Working For Your Info Marketing?

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Gary Korisko had a blog that wasn’t working to promote his information marketing business. Now he has one that’s working very well. Is your blog working for your info marketing now?

Korisko posted his suggestions for getting a blog noticed, things he learned the first time around when his blog wasn’t noticed much. I say we all need to pay attention to the following points from his post, along with my comments on each:

“1. Get an education . [Korisko took more than once course offered by successful bloggers, and he advises others to do the same. It certainly paid off for him.]

information marketing blogging

Is Your Blog Working For Your Info Marketing?

2.  Form a brain trust.  [Also called a mastermind group, get together with others, virtually or in person,  in order to share ideas and give honest feedback. This is crucial to any success, really.]

3.  Read and write everyday. [ I’ve said it for YEARS, and it’s good to hear other people agreeing with me!]

4.  Post consistently. [ Ditto – I’ve said this for years, too. People see HOW you do things, not just what you say in your posts. They need to see consistency to build trust.

5.  Write to help, not to impress.  [ This is my favorite item on Korisko’s list. It is SO IMPORTANT. People will avoid bothering with bloggers who are just writing to toot their own horns, and point to their own products and services without providing genuine substance in their blog posts.  Don’t be one of them.]

These are really good points that I endeavor to follow, and I suggest you do the same.

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