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Is Your Information Marketing Everywhere, All The Time?

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Of course it’s not humanly possible, but doesn’t it feel like you could work 24/7 and still fail to cover all the bases you’d like to touch in order to build an information marketing business now?  I mean, is your information marketing everywhere, all the time?

No, of course not. Nobody can manage to do that.  We have to be selective about where we spend our time and our marketing dollars, online and offline as well.

However, Peter Dahlstrom and David Edelman posted on the McKinsey and Company Insights Newsletter online in April, and they are warning that, “Emerging technologies are poised to personalize the consumer experience radically—in real time and almost everywhere. It’s not too early to prepare.”

Fasten your seatbelts, folks, because things are about to get REALLY INTERESTING. If you thought mobile shopping was cutting edge, wait ‘til you hear this:

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Is Your Information Marketing Everywhere, All The Time?

Digital marketing is about to enter more challenging territory. Building on the vast increase in consumer power brought on by the digital age, marketing is headed toward being on demand—not just always ‘on,’ but also always relevant, responsive to the consumer’s desire for marketing that cuts through the noise with pinpoint delivery.”

Have you noticed how Ebay has changed lately? It shows me other things exactly like the various items I’ve searched, not just lately, but EVER. Ebay knows what I like, and it will stop at nothing to make sure I see things I like on the home page. I don’t even get an opportunity to type in a search term before I’m distracted.

That is “real time” or “on demand” marketing, and we are going to have to deal with it now in order to market information online, too.

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