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It’s Conflict That Sells Info Products

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Today it suddenly struck me that the same thing that draws and holds our attention to TV, movies, news stories and great novels is what we need to identify in order to market information. It’s conflict that sells info products.

Internal conflicts or external conflicts, personal problems or business problems, it’s all about conflict and the struggle to overcome adversity. Finding the problems, conflicts and struggles in my clients’ and customers’ lives is what I need to do. Then I create and market information products to solve their issues. This pattern is the simple secret to success in developing your info products, too.

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It’s Conflict That Sells Info Products

I’m an author, but not an author of fiction. Creating and intensifying conflict is a classic technique in novels, movies and TV. But it’s also familiar to us in the form of advertising, especially long-copy web pages, called landing pages, that drive the reader to conclude that he or she MUST have the item or information to solve a problem.  Essentially, that is what a landing page does. It stirs up the problem and presents the solution on the button that reads, “CLICK HERE.”

Pick up a novel or pay attention to the next TV drama you see. Look carefully for conflicts and how they escalate. Think about your information marketing business while you are reading or watching, and notice how the process can work for you, too.

Finding the conflict, pain, struggle or lack is the key to finding profits. Most people don’t want to buy anything they don’t need. So, your clients and customers must need you and your products and services. It’s that simple.

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