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John Forde on The Fun Factor

Information Marketing

I saw an email from copywriter John Forde on the fun factor in marketing information. He had a good take on the topic, so I’ll share a bit of his email here:

“Often the thing that’s missing from a pitch… or a product… is just this fun factor. Plain and simple, your prospect doesn’t feel excited about what you’re saying or selling.

So try simply asking…

What would my prospect find… fun?

info marketing fun factor

The Fun Factor

Be careful here, because it’s easier to find the wrong answer than it is to find the right one.

You could, for instance, try to force your version of “fun” on the prospect… rather than appeal to his or her sense of what makes for a good time.”

Forde is focused on fun, but more particularly, your prospect’s idea of fun, NOT your idea of fun. Unless you are speaking to a niche market that you know very well, and that usually means you are part of it, stay away from guesses or generalizations about what might seem funny or interesting. Basically, you have to immerse yourself in the culture of a particular niche to get a true sense of the fun factor.

Trying to sound fun will only result in sounding fake if you aren’t directly on target for a particular niche audience. Spending time with people in person and in forums online are the best ways to pick up on the fun factor in conversations. You just have to BE THERE.

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