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Mark Shaefer at BusinessGrow wrote a great post about developing a business strategy to deal with the moving targets that are ever-present today. Schaefer offers five specific questions to help business owners keep on step ahead in business:

“If you are still heads-down, working like crazy without taking the time to assess the world around you, you might be making a deadly business mistake. Here are five questions to reflect on:

How am I spending my time today compared to a year ago?   What is the biggest internal threat to my business? Is it resources? Keeping up with change? A lack of focus? Turnover?

info marketing success ahead

Keep One Step Ahead In Business

What is the biggest external threat to my business? New competitors? New expectations? Problems with the economy?

How have my competitors changed? Do I even know who my competitors are right now?

What are my customer’s under-served or un-met wants and needs? Do I think I know, or have I really asked them?”

Some of these questions may be more attuned to businesses larger than your own information marketing business, especially if you are a solo entrepreneur right now. But I assure you, this one is key – “How am I spending my time today compared to a year ago?”  EVERYBODY should be asking that question and facing the truthful answers at least once a month.

In the past, I would have said that asking that question on a quarterly basis would be sufficient. But not anymore. Things are changing and moving too fast now.  Re-assessing exactly what you are doing every month, compared to the past, is critical for success in your info products business.

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