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Keeping People In Your Information Marketing Loop

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If personal relationships are the key to information marketing success, then keeping people in your information marketing loop is how you develop and nurture those key relationships. You cannot make assumptions and expect people to keep interested in who you are and what you do. It doesn’t work like that.

Email is a great way to foster your relationships. Jill Konrath talks about emailing your list in her post on Rain Today lately:

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Keeping People In Your Information Marketing Loop

“Keeping in front of your prospects is essential for sales success. It often takes 10-12 emails or phone calls before you actually connect. And, in most cases, they’re not ready to make a change.

So, how can you nurture prospects and keep in touch without being a pest? And, better yet, how can you contact prospects in a way that elevates your credibility?

The key is to be a content curator—a person who sifts through the morass of available information to find resources that your prospects would find value in.”

Content curator – is that concept familiar to you? I am curating content in this blog post. It’s an example of how to provide value offered by others, with my own comments and opinions added for good measure. You are benefitting from the ideas of two people at the same time, which helps you to form your own opinions and to profit from them.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to share what you know and what you learn with your information marketing tribe, too.

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