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Keys to Creating GREAT Audio Info Products

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Over the past 25 years I’ve done over 2,000 interviews and created well over 4,000 hours of audio information products. I’ve learned a lot from doing them and here are some of the things I think YOU should know before you start or to improve going forward.

There are three basic ways to create audio information products. First, you can sit in a studio and talk into a microphone on your own. Doable, but very boring. If your goal is to create an information marketing empire you will need to create audio products that people will want to listen to. I don’t care who you are or how good your speaking voice is, it gets VERY difficult to listen to one person drone on about a given topic.

Your second option is to record a live event. Many of my information marketing seminars are recorded. This is a great idea. You get to capture the energy of a live event and all of the content that you have created for that same event. A couple of warnings. Most novice info product marketers don’t understand the absolute necessity of having those who ask questions properly on mic. Even if you do have everyone speak into a microphone to ask their questions, you’ll want to make sure and repeat the question that was asked. There is nothing worse than listening to an information program or product where you can barely here (if at all) the question that an audience member asks and then the seminar leader doesn’t repeat it.

I do a LOT of the third option. Interviewing a knowledgeable expert “in studio” one on one. Some of my best info products have been created this way. The beauty of going this route is you have a controlled environment. You’ll have a very limited number of interruptions since you are in control of the audio info product that you’re creating. If you do decide to create an information product this way make SURE you have a great interviewer.

I just finished an audio program on exactly this topic. You take an a look at it at:

The first thing you need is a great outline. Without a good outline 

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