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Keywords in Information Marketing Content

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Search Engine Optimization is not my favorite subject, but I have to pay attention to it. As a writer, I have to know how to position keywords in my information marketing content in order to attract clicks online and make sales. That is a big part of what I do.

Barry Feldman is a copywriter who knows SEO, and he asks and answers the following question about the use of keywords in written content on the web:

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Keywords in Information Marketing Content

“How do you best use keywords in content?

First answer: you put them in the headline. The headline or title is what Google’s looking for first. It’s what will you’ll be shown first. Put them in the metadata too. It’s what you’ll see under the headline and likely to become the factor that determines whether or not the content gets the click.

Second answer: you use them authentically. So, write a piece about those keywords—not excessively and not deceptively. If you should keyword stuff and get away with it, you might earn a click, but not a customer.”

That last phrase is my favorite, “… you might earn a click, but not a customer.”  That is THE phrase to keep in mind when you’re writing your information marketing content. Articles and blog posts on the web need to lead your people to you with your exact choice of keywords.  But the search engines have to find those keywords first in order to serve them up to the people who are searching for what you have to offer.

Keywords are the bait. You need the right bait, poised in the right location to catch fish, and you need the right words in the right location to catch the attention of your readers and customers.

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