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Kindle Availability and Info Product Marketing

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Kindle Availability

So Amazon has a hot new product. So what do they do? They screw it up! 

List price for a Kindle directly from Amazon is $359. Only one problem. They aren’t available for the next three to four months!


To be honest, they’re not the first company to produce a product that everyone wants and not believe in themselves enough to stock a sufficient quantity to satisfy demand.

Now, that’s ONE way to look at this situation. There is another. And perhaps, just PERHAPS, Jeff Bezos is not a Bozo after all. He may be sly like a fox!

Here is my reasoning on this one.

He knows he has the hottest product for Christmas this year. He INTENTIONALLY makes less than he knows he can sell, producing a backlog of orders.

In my twenties I was in New York City. When we went out on a Friday or Saturday night, NONE of my friends wanted to be seen at anywhere that was easy to get into. It meant that place was BEAT!

Nope. All of us wanted to get into the newest, hippest club. That was the one with the line! The one where you had to know someone to get “picked” from the throngs of people waiting to be selected.

Even though Bezos is losing money (i.e. – I just saw a bid for a Kindle climb to over $510 and the auction isn’t over) by not having the product in stock, he is also creating a club that everyone wants to get into.

As an information marketer, what can YOU do to create that same level of hype for your products and/or services.

Think about it!

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