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Once upon a time there was a king. A very rich King. Although the king was both rich and wise many people said the king was unhappy. Some even called him grumpy.

The country that the King ruled was called Marketingrea.

This King had many subjects and followers. He even had a close group of advisors and subjects he kept in his court.

All of the subjects and advisors honored the king and bowed down to him. They attended his meetings and paid him homage. They invited him to attend and even speak at their events. He would always oblige as long as many pieces of gold and silver were given to him.

There was one BIG problem. The King was very used to stretching the truth. Seeing that the King did this, his subjects did likewise. They thought that since the King did it, it had to be right.

Many people followed the king and his subjects lead and made lots of money.

For many years the followers of the King and his group of advisors stored away riches. They all used the methods and schemes that the King had taught them.

Then one day it was revealed to all of their followers that the King and his minions were playing fast and loose with the facts. Limited time offers that were not limited. Scarcity offers that were not scarce. Guarantees that were not being honored. 

The King did everything he could to stop the stampede of his people, but alas, nothing could be done.

The mass of people NOW knew the truth. Now they were angry. They turned against the King and his minions. All the riches they had all made were quickly consumed and were not replaced.

The King was now penniless. The same was also thecase for his followers. Everything was lost. What had they done wrong? They had violated the people’s trust.



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