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Know Your Info Marketing Competitors’ SEO

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Ok, I realize that this may seem like spying at first. And I also realize that I’m making a big assumption that you have a webmaster keeping track of your on-site SEO, or that you’re doing it yourself.  You have to know how search engines see each website, not simply how human visitors see it.  All this handled, then you are in a good position to know your info marketing competitors’ SEO as well.

By now you may be banging your forehead with your fist, because, well, SEO can be overwhelming .

But there is one simple thing you can do that is not hard. You can check out your competitors’ sites to determine where their links are coming from. Inbound links are a big part of SEO. Google sees the other sites that link to yours and it judges uses those links as part of a formula to determine the page rank of your own site. It does the same for your competition.

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Know Your Info Marketing Competitors’ SEO

Here’s a recent explanation and suggestion from Sujan Patel, posted on Search Engine Journal:

“One great way to find link building opportunities is to check out the sites that are linking back to your competitors. To do this on the cheap, head over to the Open Site Explorer website and enter each of your competitor’s URLs into the program’s search bar.

While you won’t be able to view as many results using the Explorer’s free service as you would with its paid membership, you should still be able to view enough information to get your personal link building activities started.”

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