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Know Your Info Marketing Target Audience

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I have never really liked the term, “target market,” but it is a technical advertising term so I use it, too.  Not unlike shooting a gun or an arrow, you have to know exactly where you’re aiming in order to make a hit. If that sounds a bit violent, you need to remember that identifying your info marketing target audience is crucial in order to make a hit with them, too.

Big companies spend big bucks researching target markets so that they can direct their advertising campaigns effectively. Plenty of bloggers are analyzing the prime time Super Bowl ads shown this year, and how they were aimed at different target markets, mostly younger audiences. Info marketers don’t have the resources to test or produce prime time ads, but we have an obligation to know our audiences, nevertheless.

info marketing target market

Knowing Your Info Marketing Target Audience

If you are already working with a client base or serving business or retail customers then you are in a good position to know your target audience already. If not, then it’s important to do some testing to find out where to spend your time and other resources to get business. You can do your research by talking to people in person or by asking them questions survey-form online.

Alternatively, there may be studies you can access. I mentioned Pam Danziger a few posts ago, and her whitepaper on selling to the affluent across three generations is quite instructive. She says, “Baby Boomers look at time in terms of an 80 year life span…’What do I want to do with the 20 or 30 years left of my life?’

It’s no coincidence that information marketing is largely targeted to and by Baby Boomers, at least that’s my experience, and something to keep in mind as you discover your own target audience.

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