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Knowing Our Info Product “Characters”

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Even though it’s true that telling your own story can be an effective method of marketing information, you probably hadn’t thought too much about the characters in your story. Am I right? I hadn’t thought about the importance of knowing our info product “characters” before I saw a recent post on Copyblogger by Amy Harrison.

She makes a great point when she says, “If you help small business owners, how did they get there? Were they always self-employed? Have they been in business long? Have they always ‘gone their own way’ or are they more used to conforming and being told what to do?

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Knowing Our Info Product “Characters”

Taking this journey through your target market’s history helps you build a better view of your customer’s values. And again, this helps you shape your content and pick themes that appeal specifically to your customer.”

Authors of fiction spend time creating back-stories and unwritten futures for their characters in order to bring those characters to life in the moment. This is a writing technique that can work wonders for your own information marketing writing as well.

I know it takes some time, and some creativity, but it’s time and attention well-spent on one of your most important assets – your existing list and your potential list subscribers. Getting to know enough of them personally will help you know them as a group, and that’s how you can envision their problems better, too.

Knowing their problems and solving their problems is the core of your information products and marketing.

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