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Launch Your Information Products Into Cyberspace

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Maybe you have heard the phrase, “product launch,” and maybe you have already participated in one.  Let’s look at the concept and what needs to happen when you launch your information products into cyberspace.

Think space shuttle. That will get you in the right frame of mind as you consider what needs to happen when you complete a new e-book or video program and it’s finally time to introduce it to the world.

It needs to blast out of this world, well, out of your own world anyway. You need to send it on its way to as many potential paying customers as possible.  And you can do that in various ways: bulk emails sent to people on your list, Facebook posts, and links in blog and forum comments.

information marketing web conferencingThose are some low-cost examples of ways to launch your information products out onto the web where they will get attention and you will get sales.

Generally, different markets respond better to different types of product launches. But there is no easy formula for predicting how a particular market will respond. That is a matter of testing, time and experience.

Another method is very effective for me and for my JV partners, and that method is hosting group webinars. Also called “web conferencing,” this increasingly popular format gives you the opportunity to promote yourself and your information products to lots of people at the same time.

On webinars, your audience can hear your voice, see you and see screenshots of your screen if you want to use visuals to enhance your presentation. These are all powerful tools for launching your info products.

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