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Legal Aspects of Information Marketing

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Compliance is not the sexy, savvy side of the business, but the legal aspects of information marketing are definitely something you should not ignore.  Ignorance of the following is NOT bliss:

  1. What you can say about your products and services;
  2. What you can say about other companies’ products and services;
  3. Whether and how often you can contact customers and prospects by phone, email or other channels;
  4. What information you’re allowed to collect; and
  5. What you can do with that information.
information marketing legal aspects

Legal Aspects of Information Marketing

Failing to comply with these requirements can lead to expensive litigation, fines or even criminal charges, not to mention negative publicity that can harm your brand and bottom line.”

I’d like to thank David Lowndes of Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services for the list and comment.  It’s hard to believe that multi-million dollar fines may result from misuse of customer data or misrepresenting competition. But Frank Kern and Netflix can attest to the truth of Lowndes’ simple points and summary.

Your information marketing business cannot be built on deception, it cannot degrade your competition, it cannot pester actual or prospective customers, and it cannot traffic in personal data you collect about those customers.

And there are a couple more points I’ll add to the list:

  1. What you say about other products and services as an affiliate;
  2. What you print or post online as testimonials about your products and services.

In other words, you must reveal your status as an affiliate for any product or service from which you will derive income, and you must qualify your testimonials as “not typical results” so that you do not appear to be promising or guaranteeing similar results to anyone.

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