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Let’s Consider How Native Advertising Works Now

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Yory Wurmser posted a great description on Target Marketing  this week, so let’s consider how native advertising works now by looking at it from his perspective:

“It covers any advertising format that is customized to the user experience of a given platform. Or, in the words of Gini Dietrich, native advertising “integrates high-quality content into the organic experience of a given platform.” A 30-second ad during the Super Bowl? Native. Sponsored stories in Facebook? Native. Paid results on Google? Native. The brilliant humor pieces produced by the Onion that overtly pitch products? Native.

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Let’s Consider How Native Advertising Works Now

All of these advertising formats work within the existing user experience of a medium to deliver messaging that enhances the experience, or at the least does not interrupt the flow of it. Where it goes wrong is when it interrupts or detracts from the user-experience in fundamental ways.”

I think that description makes the concept of native advertising about as clear as it can get for information marketing purposes now. Actually, it speaks to all marketers who are swimming in the rising tide on and off the web. We all have to keep in mind that there’s a flow going on in the minds of readers/users and we have to go with that flow, not interrupt it.

Wurmser continues:

“The key takeaway for advertisers is you need to know how a user interacts with the medium—and that new media might have native advertising formats that completely differ from existing formats. Advertorials and space ads might make sense in a lot of contexts, but even more effective formats might open up if you just think about what actually enhances the user’s experience.“


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