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Let’s Talk About Speaking For Information Marketers – Part 2

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The first person you will speak to when you are arranging a speaking engagement is usually the meeting planner. In a manner of speaking, the person in charge of selecting and approving each speaker for any organization is the gatekeeper between you and your potential audience. Unless you are already working as a professional speaker now, you might not realize the importance of approaching meeting planners in the right way.

Not unlike referring friends or business contacts to others, you are a link to the future consequences of that introduction. And that means you have some responsibility, right? Professional meeting planners for large organizations or facilities get paid to bring speakers to various groups, and they have to choose wisely to build their own reputations and to keep their jobs. Volunteer meeting planners for smaller organizations feel a personal responsibility, too. They are the link between the choice of a speaker and the audience they serve.

Professional Speaking as Information Marketing

Speaking For Information Marketers

You will need to provide your best information products to show meeting planners the extent of your expertise and the professional nature of your presentations. This is the time you’ll want to use tangible products, a book, a CD or DVD, because they still create the best impression of authority. Even if you provide the same content in the form of digital downloads to your clients and customers, be sure to have tangible products on hand for approaching meeting planners.

One reason you need to make the best possible first impression is because you have a lot of competition. Information marketers approach meeting planners regularly, and you need to stand out from the crowd to capture the attention of any meeting planner.

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Process Orders From Your Website in Just 15 Minutes!

Get a COMPLETE system to help you market your online business

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