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Listening to Info Marketers’ Complaints Like Danny Iny Does

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It takes a lot more effort to turn off the constant digital distractions now than to find the information and entertainment we seek. This reality forms the basis of the burgeoning opportunities information marketing has to offer, and it also leads to the inevitable downside: disappointment and complaints.

But if you learn from other people’s disappointments and complaints like Danny Iny does, then you stand a chance of building an information marketing business, too. Danny excels at taking lemons and making lemonade, and turning mountains back into molehills. That’s an enviable skill in the present economy, during which Danny has built his whole info marketing empire.

Information Marketing and Dogs

Dogs and Information Marketing

Looking carefully at what people complain about helps you discover what they need, and what they will pay to overcome or achieve. Finding a hole in the marketplace has always been the key to success, and it is certainly true today. Listening to complaints and finding ways to patch up the existing holes by creating useful e-books and video courses is the secret to many an info marketers’ success.

A dog with fleas is an incredible nuisance indoors and outdoors. Dog owners who pets have fleas complain constantly, and they will spend HOURS searching for solutions online and offline. Your e-book on getting rid of fleas forever WILL SELL because it answers their complaints, despite the fact that there are plenty of flea treatments available from vets to Dollar Generals all over the country.

When I say, “hole in the marketplace,” I don’t mean that nobody else is vying for the same customers. I mean that the hole is a gaping pit that cannot be filled no matter how many info marketers get involved. Getting rid of fleas on dogs is just such a bottomless pit.

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