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Jack Aaronson posted on ClickZ lately, commenting on local business survival tactics. Apparently his sister runs a small town shopper and she is finding herself in direct competition with craigslist and other digital media. It’s a tough call, no matter how you look at it.

Local website companies are competing with people who work much cheaper in India, for example. Both companies may be advertising on craigslist, and the company in India has a distinct pricing advantage, no matter how many other advantages the local company might enjoy. None of us could really imagine that we would be in direct competition with people ‘way across the globe for hometown business, but it’s true wherever you live now.

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Local Business Survival Tactics

If you are operating a local business and using information marketing to promote your brick-and-mortar business now, you know exactly what I am talking about. You are fighting the same fight on a daily basis, and looking for every possible advantage on your home turf, because pricing is usually NOT one of them.

This is where your other skills, such as speaking and consulting, will serve your purposes well. Doing local speaking and consulting work is going to give you an advantage in your own market because you are much more easily accessible by phone (in the same time zone) and you are probably MUCH easier to understand.

I don’t mean anything I am writing to sound critical or derogatory in any way. I am not deprecating the work of Indian web developers, but merely speaking to western hemisphere information marketers who are struggling to build their businesses locally in the midst of global competition.

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