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Make Your Email Marketing Pay You

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There’s never been a better time to dig in and make your email marketing pay you. For one thing, it may become more costly in the future, so we all need to build our lists and cultivate them now, before any big changes occur.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is email verification. This step can happen at the time a site visitor is opting-in, or it can happen later, and be done by hand in order to keep your list fresh and genuine. Here’s a comment by Blake King from his post on Target Marketing:

“Keep your list clean from the very beginning by verifying ALL email addresses—it improves list quality and decreases bounces.

info marketing email double opt in

Make Your Email Marketing Pay You

Trust me, a large amount of your opt-ins are definitely fake. People have long since caught on to the “give me your email and I’ll send you this free thing” paradigm. They’ve been scammed, tricked and spammed to death, and they connect all of that to the email-for-free-thing “trick.”

What’s their solution? Use fake email addresses as much as possible!

You might think the solution is to use opt-in confirmation (A.K.A. double opt-in). But almost every marketer I speak with loathes opt-in confirmation with a passion. It not only squeezes your lead flow down to a trickle, it also creates another layer of complexity to your marketing. And that is never a good thing.”

Getting good email addresses and keeping those subscribers is the key to a list that earns money for you, as an affiliate and through the sale of your own information products and programs.

Knowing that suggested legislation that may require a tax on email (to offset huge USPS losses)in the future, it’s time to pay attention to our subscriber lists now.

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