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Back when I started blogging in 2004 there were not a lot of other bloggers around. Now that situation has completely reversed and there are tons of bloggers. I could read blogs on topics that interest me 24/7 and never get any sleep or finish any work. So could you! So, in order to compete and make your info products blog stand out you have to think about what you’re trying to accomplish.

Matt McGee of SearchEngineLand is one blogger I read because he absorbs all the SEO industry data and serves it up on a nice, neat plate for his readers. I like that. I don’t want to read all the surveys and statistics that McGee reads in order to draw his professional opinions. I just want to know what he thinks because it saves me a lot of time. I am blogging for business, not recipe-sharing or antique swapping, although those are both good topics for blogs.

info marketing blogging tips

Info Marketing Blogging Tip

McGee’s suggestions to improve business blogs apply to me, so I pay attention when he says, and furthermore, what he does. I pay attention to HOW he blogs, not just what he says in his posts. And I agree with the following,

“A great company blog solves people’s problems. It sells through helping and education. People don’t read company blogs because they want a high-pressure sales pitch; they read company blogs to learn, get answers and find solutions.

When you’re looking for blog content ideas, the best and easiest way to generate ideas is to think about all the questions you ever get asked about your products and services and turn those into blog posts.”

What questions are your clients and customers asking you? Could you answer a question and turn it into a blog post today?

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