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Making A Decision To Market Information- Part 1

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Naturally, I blog about what I do. I am an information marketer, so it just makes sense that I blog on that topic, too. Since I have been involved in this career for over thirty years, it’s easy to overlook the fact that most people are just getting started. If you are making a decision to market information you might be particularly interested in some words from copywriter Bob Bly in an email to his list today.

Apparently, quite a few people contact Bob with questions about how they should make decisions about their lives. I know Bob pretty well and he has NOT set up shop as a psychologist or a fortune-teller! So, today he shared some ideas for people who are stuck in their decision-making process:

info marketing business decision

Making A Decision To Market Information

“… do what I call a “self-inventory.” Ask yourself:

What am I passionate about?
What do I enjoy?
How would I like to spend my days?
What do I have an aptitude for?
What am I trained or educated in?
What is my work experience?
What product or service can I provide that others would pay for?
What have I done that others have praised me for?”

These are great questions for anyone who is curious about getting started with an information marketing business, too.  I always tell my clients and customers to select a topic that they enjoy because they will be writing and speaking on that topic for a very long time, if everything goes well. And that’s the goal, isn’t it?

Selecting topics that interest you and inspire you to learn more and share what you are learning is not only the key to info marketing success, it’s the key to a productive life.

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    […] Bulk emails have evolved along with other changes on the web, and paying attention to your statistics has become more and more critical. Brady’s comments may not make much sense unless you are already involved with a list of contacts, emailing them on a regular basis. […]

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