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Making A Decision To Market Information- Part 2

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Continuing on the topic of making a decision to market information, I’d like to suggest that you start with your own personal story. By that I mean, sit down and write out your story for your own purposes, and then you’ll have it on hand to mine for ideas when you’re creating information products.

Obviously, you have a story. You have facts to recite, but more importantly, you have thoughts and feelings that have motivated you to get started building your own information business.

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Making A Decision To Market Information

Your thoughts and feelings will turn out to be very, very useful to you as you begin writing to motivate other people to action. Their own thoughts and feelings motivate them, but you can use your writing and your audio and video recordings to trigger the thoughts and feelings of other people.

This is, in a nutshell, what copywriters do when they write advertisements, and now it’s called “content.” Content is writing that leads and motivates people to take an action. Believe me, when you build your information products you are doing it for one reason – to motivate people to act.

In the beginning you may want a person to sign up for your newsletter email list. But eventually you will want a person, MANY persons, to put in their credit card number and buy your products. That is what information marketing is all about. And it can definitely work for you, too.

Your personal story makes you more real and more accessible to your potential readers and clients. It can form the core of your business, so take the time to write it down now, before you start creating your info products for sale.

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