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Making Excuses For Not Building An Info Product?

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Sometimes I think I’ve heard every excuse for not pursuing information marketing, and then another one pops up. It’s fascinating. Are you making excuses for not building an info product now?

Gary Korisko has a great post this week called, “30 Excuses Why You Are Not Starting Now.” Whew! Perfect! Here are a few of my favorite reasons from his list:

“1. I’ve never done it that way before.

2.  I tried that once before and it didn’t work.

info marketing startup excuses

Making Excuses For Not Building An Info Product?

3.  I’ve tried several times and it didn’t work.

4.  (Insert expert’s name) says I need a (certain tool or service) to make it happen.

5.  No one wants to hear what I think.

6.  It’s too hard.

7.  There’s no way in this economy.

8.  I need to spend more time thinking and planning this out more.”

I have heard EVERY ONE of these excuses MANY TIMES. Seriously.  I’ll be you’ve heard (and maybe said) most of these yourself, too. It’s just human nature to complain and blame.

So, only humans who get past the complaining and blaming phase are better prepared to move into the success phase. That is certainly true of marketers who push through their initial and incremental fear, doubt and hesitation in order to pursue their goals of building an information marketing empire.

It’s not people who do not have the thoughts on Korisko’s list who succeed. It’s the people who push on IN SPITE of having one or all of those thoughts.  Often. Yes, it’s true. Many people are having those thoughts and choosing to ignore them in order to move forward.  That’s the real truth about excuses.

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