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Making Headlines Work For You on LinkedIn

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Naomi Elbinger posted some great tips for making headlines work for you on LinkedIn. She used to think they were boring and useless, until she discovered the real SEO value they offer:

“But when I finally realized the significance of my Linkedin headline and put some thought into creating a good one, it gave a big boost to my Linkedin impact.

Your LinkedIn Headline is your elevator pitch at the world’s largest networking event. It’s your billboard. It’s your 15 milliseconds of fame.”

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Making Headlines Work For You on LinkedIn

Elbinger gets more specific with the value of a LinkedIn headline when she reminds us, “Your headline is in my inbox [it shows up in an email snippet]… your headline is in my sidebar [when scrolling through LinkedIn you see people’s photos, names and headlines]… and your headline is in my groups [same as sidebar presentation.]”

I honestly think she’s got a great point here, and sums it up perfectly by saying, “You can view your headline as a few insignificant words or you can see it for what it really is: Free Primetime Advertising!

It’s your chance to strike a chord with your target audience and encourage them to click through to your profile.”

You may not get tons of business with your LinkedIn profile, but the connections you make may surprise you, too.  Your information marketing business need to be seen and this is a great place to achieve visibility fast.

I’m thinking about re-writing my headline now. Any suggestions?

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