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Market Information To Mobile Web Users

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It’s a current and growing reality – we all have to market information to mobile web users to reach the majority of our target markets on every topic.

PRWeb offers the following suggestions in a timely article, and I am sharing them with my clients because they are crucial marketing on the web, since a majority of users are accessing the web on their mobile phones and tablets now:

“1. Create content to fit the ‘8 minute rule’.
Empirical evidence has shown that people have difficulty focusing on one topic for more than 8 minutes. To fit that small window of time, mobile content must say more with less.

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Market Information To Mobile Web Users

2. Remember that sharing is caring.
From Facebook and Twitter to email and SMS, mobile is all about sharing information. Take advantage of users’ natural affinity for sharing…

3. Make subscribers feel special.
The best way to motivate users to stick with your mobile content is to reward them. You can create any number of reward programs specially designed to grab subscribers’ attention and keep them inviting you back for more.

4. Build friendships via mobile content.
Become a trusted friend to mobile subscribers by creating campaigns that build upon the natural friend-factor of mobile connections.”

Reaching out and touching your prospective and present clients and customers by email, text messages and social media (or how about old-fashioned phone calls?) is what friends do. Now it is what information marketers must to do as well.  And we also have to be immediately relevant and accessible, meaning fast load times on small screens and headlines and home pages that are instantly recognizable.

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