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If you market and promote your own seminars and events, you need to know THIS critical formula:


Total revenue as a seminar marketer is equal to Seminar Registration plus Product Sales plus Coaching or Consulting Business. There you have it the KEY to marketing and promoting your own seminars in a formula.

Seminar registration at your events is done through a variety of means. In my case, I’ve built an email list to market and promote my events. I suggest you do likewise. It will certainly cut your costs for doing event.

Product Sales can be tricky for the ethical person doing seminar marketing. They are always concerned that they will be perceived as “hucksterish” for doing it. Not true if you deliver good solid content FIRST.

Then there is the coaching or consulting business. This should flow logically from the seminar that you do. Don’t push it. People will recoil and NOT buy your services.

Try and make it to one of my events like the Seminar on Seminars to really perfect your skills.

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