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When it comes right down to it, information marketing revolves around a few basic things. First you have to get people to opt-in to your list. You MUST have a group of people who are interested in what you sell in order to be able to sell them anything. Once you have people on your list, then you have to convert them into buyers.

You do this via a website. Once they buy your product, you better deliver something they feel is worth a lot more than what you charged them.

Given that all of your info products are going to be sold via a website, you have two challenges. First, you have to get people to visit the site. When they get there you have to CLOSE them on buying your product. If you can’t close them, you then are trying to get them to opt-in.

To get people to go to your site, you have many different things you can do both online and offline.

Online you can get people signed up to be your affiliates. You can also do what I’m doing here . . . blog. Trying to get your press releases posted online is a sensible way to generate traffic too.

Offline you can speak at industry functions and attend trade shows in your field. You can also send postcards to a select list in hopes of getting them to visit a particular site.

Both online and offline, there are a lot of different things you can do to get people to find your site.

The next challenge is to get them to buy or opt in once they find your site. Increasing your response rates in these two areas is done with your copy. If you write your own copy, you may want to have someone give it a TWEAK. Take a look at Super Fast Tweak for this.

Reports from many of my customers and proteges indicates that videos seem to be very helpful in getting people to buy or opt in. With a number of my own sites, I now have a video introducing the site and telling people what I’d like them to do. I suggest that YOU test video as well.

In everything you do on your site or sites, you have a question to ask yourself: Are you going to do the technical “stuff” yourself or have someone else do it for you? If you’re technically inclined, then go nuts! If not, you’ll need to find someone to help you out. Information marketing is all about assembling a strong team. I highly recommend you talk to Dave Hamilton, the Web Marketing Magician.

So, drive traffic to your site using BOTH online and offline means and then close them more effectively using great copy and video. You’ll also want to pick up a copy of WebMarketingMagic.

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Get domains name cheaper than anywhere with 24/7 customer support.

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