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Membership ONLY Information Marketing Model

Information Marketing

In the field of information marketing, there are many possible models that you can select. Some people only sell info products that are physically deliverable. Others sell products that are strictly digital. I do both, but there are many ways to skin the cat in this business.

IF you decide to select a “membership only” model for selling into products, it is certainly a valid choice. The obvious question is: WHEN do you use this model? My suggestion is that you use this model when you are in a niche where things change DAILY.

In my own information marketing business, I look at each product having a 12-18 month life. This is changing. I used to say you could produce a product and not have to worry about redoing it for 3 years or so. This is no longer true.

The membership only model makes a LOT of sense for those niches where things are changing daily. Only YOU know if that’s the case with your particular niche. If you’re involved in giving stock recommendations, then this model would be perfect for you.

If you’re someone who sells “motivational” material, then this model does NOT make sense for you. It might make sense to use a hybrid model that INCLUDES a membership site, but it would make NO sense to have a membership ONLY model.


Motivational material does not change that much over time. All you have to do is look at the book “Think and Grow Rich.” This book was written YEARS ago and is just as relevant today as it was the day it came out.

This is what determines whether or not you should be using a membership only model. Anytime you have material that is TIMELESS, you should NOT select a membership only model.

If you do decide to go MEMBERSHIP ONLY, you’ll have to be providing a constant flow of new and fresh content. If you don’t, people will drop out of your site and stop paying you. This means you have to make a commitment to creating and distributing new and fresh content ALL the time. Depending on your field, this may NOT have to be daily, but it will have to be OFTEN.

In my business, I have a combination of both timely and timeless products. For me, I have elected to use a model that combines a membership site with products. This makes sense for me and my business. Your business may be different.

IF you’re considering a membership only model as an information marketer, you MUST be in an industry or field that has constantly changing information. Is that you? If it is, you’re on the right track. If not, think again!

Information Marketing

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