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MetaData For Marketing Your E-Books and Traditional Books

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If you don’t hire a webmaster or others to build your sites and code your pages online, then you really need to see this post on metadata for marketing your e-books and traditional books. You can create great products and build great sites to promote them, but without knowing these details, you are losing out on all your possible traffic sources.

Super-successful independent author CJ Lyons posted a simple explanation of metadata for authors , including the following:

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MetaData For Marketing Your E-Books and Traditional Books

“Metadata is anything that helps your reader to find your book.

It includes:  Author, Title, Publisher, ISBN, Date of Publication, Genre, Keywords, Page Count, Review quotes, Author bio, and Synopsis.”

First of all, you have to know all that information and keep it handy.

Next, you have to know where and how to use it to your advantage marketing your books.  Lyons explains, “…you need to pay particular attention to your book’s metadata both inside the actual book and hidden in the data surrounding it.”

She’s talking about your product listing on Amazon and other sites where your books are listed for sale, including your own sites.

I can tell you straight up that this subject is not too familiar to me because I have a webmaster and he takes care of it for me.  But I’m brining it to your attention because it’s really important.  Wikipedia clarifies the topic by saying:

“Meta elements provide information about a given Web page, most often to help search engines categorize them correctly. They are inserted into the HTML document, but are often not directly visible to a user visiting the site.

They have been the focus of a field of marketing research known as search engine optimization (SEO), where different methods are explored to provide a user’s site with a higher ranking on search engines. “

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