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Mind-Mapping Your Information Marketing Business

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It’s not a new idea by any means, but mind-mapping your information marketing business may be a new idea to you.  A mind map is a visual representation, a chart or a graphic, that shows a “family tree” of ideas. Branches stem from a main trunk and reach out infinitely, or at least as far as your imagination can take you.

Sometimes mind maps are called “spider diagrams,” because they look a lot like spider webs. And some people call them, “idea sun-bursting,” which is a pretty obvious connection to ideas streaming out like rays of the sun.

info marketing mind mapping

Mind-Mapping Your Information Marketing Business

Whatever you choose to call it, a mind map can really help you build your information marketing business with clarity and intention. You can see where you are, and where you want to be, all on one page. Or at least on a poster, if you have too many connections for one regular sheet of paper.

Mind maps are visual thinking at its best, and of course there are software programs to help you create maps for different words, ideas and tasks associated with your information marketing business. Technically, a mind map should focus on just one word or idea, and additional maps are created to explore each idea.

Chuck Frey says in his post on LateralThinking today, “Visual thinking can help you to:

See patterns and connections that others aren’t even aware of

Envision new possibilities and ideas

Display the quality of your thinking

Dissect complex problems, view their components and discern their underlying causes

Reach clarity more quickly on complex challenges

Make better informed decisions

Communicate your ideas in a high-impact, memorable manner to the key people you are trying to influence

Build consensus with others.”

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