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Mobile Information Marketing Again

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Mobile information marketing again? Yes, that’s right. It bears repeating that anyone building an information marketing business needs to think FIRST about mobile marketing now. It’s not something to sweep under the rug or get around to doing when all your other tasks are complete (does that EVER happen?) because more people are accessing the internet on their smart phones now than any other type of device. We have to make sure our websites and landing pages can easily be clicked and read.

Josh Byers posted on Copyblogger recently about the importance of having a “mobile first” philosophy:

“The smaller screen sizes available to a mobile devices force designers to eliminate the irrelevant and unhelpful aspects of their design.

info marketing mobile smart phones

Mobile Information Marketing Again

Too often, companies want to fill up every available pixel and ultimately end up with a cluttered site that’s hard to navigate and use.

But when developing for a mobile device, the loss of screen real estate forces the design and development teams to focus on what’s really important because there isn’t room for any element that has questionable value.”

I’m astonished at how much sense that makes, not only for mobile websites, but for all our sites. Sticking to the relevant and helpful content and presenting it in a clear and accessible manner has become absolutely crucial for page ranking and for conversion.

Barbara Findlay Schenk posted on this topic on Entrepreneur recently, too, saying:

“No business can afford to ignore the fact that more than a billion people primarily access the Web from mobile devices. Even if you’re not ready to rebuild your site for optimal display on all devices, at least take one of the following two steps: 1) Simplify your site design, or 2) Create a mobile version of your site…

As you prepare to make long-delayed investments in your business, put website redesign high on your list so you’ll be ready to reach consumers via their phones, tablets, PCs, TVs or, soon, refrigerator doors, bathroom mirrors and more.”

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