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Mobile Information Marketing

Information Marketing

Take a deep breath and realize that close to half the people directed to your website by your landing pages and links are opening it on their smart phones or tablets. This is a big deal if your primary website is not optimized for mobile devices. Mobile information marketing is the way of the world now.

Peter Tanham’s recent post on Econsultancy links to seven hand-selected tools to optimize your email marketing. It’s not enough to have your website optimized now, your emails should also open quickly and be easy to read on the smaller devices, too.

mobile information marketing

Mobile Information Marketing

Tanham says, “Download speeds can be slower on mobile, so keeping your image file sizes low is vital.” That’s a pretty big deal for websites and information marketing emails. It means you’ll want to skip the flash programs that look so classy on big monitors because they slow down the loading of your sites, and people do not have the patience to wait on sites that don’t load FAST. Plain and simple is better on mobile.

He also advises, “…many emails do not display well on mobile devices. Some templates are too wide, which makes the text tiny and requires pinching and zooming. This kind of user experience kills engagement and could be having a significant negative impact on your results.”

Oh boy, here we go again. Make SURE you know exactly how your emails look on various devices, which is something you can discover by testing. One of Tanham’s recommendations is to use, a site that shows you screenshots of your sites on various email applications for phones and tablets.

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