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Moving On Up From Blog Guest Posting

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Many internet advisors have been saying that guest posting on other people’s blogs is a good way to get links back to your own websites.  That plan has been working for a lot of people, and now there is some concern that plan will not work as well, due to the new changes that Google is making in its backlink ranking. If you are wondering about how the changes will affect you and your sites, you might want to consider moving on up from blog guest posting now.

Essentially, having your own blog on your on domain is the best plan. That way, your readers come to your sites and links form to it.  Whenever you write a great article on your information marketing topic and post it somewhere other than your own domain, you are provided value to another site, not to your own site, which can be counter-productive to your own purposes.

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Moving On Up From Blog Guest Posting

Yes, you may very well get new opt-ins to your own blog by posting on someone else’s blog, but the majority of readers will never click on your link and visit your site. It will be a small percentage, at best.

Eric Enge posted on Search Engine Journal, advising bloggers to make a switch to “content marketing” instead, and provides some ideas for tracking your results. He says, “How can you measure your progress in developing authority? Here are a few metrics to look at:

Where are you publishing and how often? This is one of the reasons to Aim High and Think About a Column.

Are you getting the tweets/+1s/shares/Likes/comments? I don’t believe that any of these metrics is the “new link”, but, they provide an excellent way to for measuring audience engagement, and hence the authority of an author.

Are you getting speaking engagements? This may not seem like a search engine measurable metric, but you can measure it, and you should. Do people want to hear what you have to say? If they do, then the social sharing and high quality writing opportunities will likely follow.”

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