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My FIRST Information Marketing Mastermind Group (and why YOU should do one too)

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I just did my first JV Partner Summit. It’s basically an information marketing mastermind group that met (and will meet) in person.

The weekend of April 1st, I was able to get 10 people to show up at my house in Las Vegas. The purpose was to share “best practices” about marketing and selling information products. And, to hang out, meet people, have some fun and form some alliances.

In order to make sure that the maximum number of people would attend, I had to come up with some incentives. Not just the ability to hang out and meet a bunch of other “smart” info marketers. I decided to give every participant who was physically in attendance the rights to sell the videos of the event.

The only condition was that they could not sell the videos in pieces. They had to be sold as a set, intact, with no changes, additions or deletions.

As a quick aside, WHY did I add this condition?

This way, all of my own bouncebacks stayed intact. As the producer/host of the event, that seemed fair to me. No one objected.

Once the DVDs are edited and ready to go, I’ll be shipping the masters to one of the members of the group. Bill Dewees. Bill generously agreed to upload the videos to This way, he and other members will be able to get DVDs duplicated and sent out to customers.

Since Kunaki does not work with MAC folks like me, I have to rely on the generosity of someone like Bill, who owns a PC. This sucks, but that’s life sometimes!

Everyone who has a PC will likely get a set of the DVDs and upload them into their OWN Kunaki account. If not, Bill Dewees will end up having to ship for everyone. That would be a huge hassle.

David Hamilton, the WebMarketingMagician generously agreed to create the packaging design for the DVDs. Thanks Dave!

We got started on Friday, late afternoon. After everyone got in, we all went over to a local casino and picked up some quick eats at the food court.

On Saturday morning, we got started. Everyone gave a short 15 minute presentation and then we opened the floor up for questions. Since all we had was 2 days total, I wanted people to deliver their BEST material and I suggested they choose 3 main points. Some did MANY more.

The idea was for each expert to teach the other experts what they knew BEST. This way, we would all benefit from everyone else’s knowledge.

Additionally, there is NOTHING better than meeting other like-minded individuals face-to-face to solidify and build relationships. No phone or Skype meetings will ever be as effective as this method.

On Sunday around Noon, everyone went home.

The event was a HUGE SUCCESS.

The videos from the event will be available for sale to the general public shortly.

Now the question is: How can YOU benefit/learn from MY experience?

Here are a few things I think you should be doing/thinking about.

* Put Together a Group of Like-minded Folks in Your Field of Expertise

Chose who you invite to attend your event carefully. Find people who are interested in the same topic AND are willing to share THEIR expertise with others as well.

* Pick and Location and Meet Face-to-face with the Group

The fact that I am based in Las Vegas makes it easy for me. Flights are cheap and everyone loves to visit. Make sure their are good hotels nearby and remember that some of the folks who attend may NOT have cars.

* Have Everyone Share Their BEST Ideas with the Rest of the Group

Asking someone to give their BEST 15 minutes of material is MUCH tougher than asking people to do a 90 minute presentation. Asking people to shorten their messages to their ESSENCE will give others the best chance of learning the most.

* Don’t Invite Folks into the Group Who are Clearly TAKERS and Not GIVERS

Don’t invite people to join your group or attend an event like this who are just into TAKING and not GIVING. Screening people carefully in advance will help but not ALWAYS eliminate these folks. I was lucky. Pick your members VERY carefully.

* Screen Carefully When You Allow People into the Group – Vet Carefully

This goes along with the point I just mentioned. It is YOUR responsibility to carefully vet any group members. It’s your group. If one of the people you invite decides to take advantage of ANY group member, it will make YOU look bad. Take this responsibility seriously and don’t forget how important it is.

* Make Sure and Record EVERYTHING

I say this and once again, for this event, I did NOT follow my own advice. Don’t YOU make the same mistake. Some of the biggest gems are often captured in side conversations that most of the people think is “off the record.” I’m not saying that you record things without letting people know. I am saying to keep the video and audio recorder rolling ALL THE TIME!! If you can.

* Give Everyone the Rights to Sell the Recordings

Inviting people to get on a plane and come to you is not FREE. Everyone has to pay for airfare, hotel, food and possibly a rental car. The best way to compensate folks is to offer them the rights to the product you create at the event. Most people will be thrilled by the offer. AND, they will be even happier if you make it a GREAT event where they can sell the recordings.

* Make Sure and Keep Bouncebacks Intact

As the producer of the event, you have the right to be a bit “more special” than the others. You can generously drop in your affiliate links and other websites you own. Anyone who buys the material may then end up going to one of your sites and spending money where YOU will get compensated. Nothing wrong with that!

* Facilitate Networking in the Group

While people are at the “Summit” you do, make it easy for them to network among themselves. You are serving as the ringmaster. Put people together that you think should be working together. Don’t be “jealous” of deals they do. This is part of providing REAL value to the members of your group.

* Make It FUN!!

For me, if I’m NOT having fun, I don’t care how much money I’m making. It’s’ just not worth it to me. If this is how YOU feel, find and recruit others that feel the same way.

There you have it. Any questions or comments??

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4 Responses to “My FIRST Information Marketing Mastermind Group (and why YOU should do one too)”

  1. Jason on April 12th, 2011 10:04 pm


    This was a great event. I am happy to have participated. Anyone who works with you will gain tremendous inspiration and knowledge. You’re great to work with.

  2. Fred Gleeck on April 12th, 2011 10:19 pm

    Jason, Thanks! It was great to have YOU and the rest of the group! Easy to work with and FUN are two essential criteria for me!

  3. Dave on April 13th, 2011 3:36 pm

    This was the best Info Marketing event I’ve ever been too! Incredibly sharp people, some brilliant and practical take away points. Highly recommend!

  4. Fred Gleeck on April 13th, 2011 5:39 pm

    Dave, THANKS. I agree. I was lucky to have everyone there!

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