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Native Advertising For Information Marketing – Part 1

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Rebecca Lieb is an author whose books on search engine optimization and content marketing are well-respected classics on those two important topics. In more than one blog post she has been discussing native advertising, for information marketers as well as any other brand. She had this to say lately on her blog:

”There are a ridiculous number of names for it: native advertising, custom content, sponsored content, branded content, content marketing, collaborative content. Or you can kick it old skool and go with plain, old fashioned ‘advertorial.’

info marketing native advertising

Native Advertising For Information Marketing

Whatever you call it, getting brand-generated content onto the pages of “real” publishing properties is becoming a real business, albeit in many guises. It’s all part of rapid convergence of paid, owned and earned media.”

Let’s dissect Lieb’s comments for a moment. She is talking about “native advertising,” the buzz word that describes an article or blog post that has paid for its space, just as an advertiser would pay for space in a printed newspaper or magazine.

I’m thinking about late-night TV “shows” that are really hour-long advertorials for no-money-down real estate courses or exercise equipment. Those are advertorials that have paid for TV time. Now you can do the same thing in order to place your articles and blog posts on sites with huge traffic numbers.

Every publisher, online and offline, is looking for ways to increase income, so it’s only logical that this type of opportunity is developing. Depending on your specialty and the depth of your pockets, native advertising might be a way to promote your information marketing business online.

Lieb reports, “Native advertising takes many guises, and an equal number of pricing models. Some publishers charge basic CPM or CPC rates. Others calculate costs based on positioning on the page…”

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