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Native Advertising Killed the Banner Ad?

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Are you wondering if native advertising killed the banner ad? Or, are you simply wondering what native advertising is in the first place? I’m following several discussions about it on the web, so here is my perspective on it now.

The first thing to consider is our own behavior when we are online. How many times per day do you click on a banner ad? One? None? I didn’t even include larger numbers because I’m assuming you are busy creating your info products and working diligently on your marketing campaigns, leaving little time for noticing and clicking on ads.

info marketing ads

Native Advertising Killed the Banner Ad?

Maybe I am wrong. The biggest thing that could make me wrong about your behavior as regards banner ads is this – now they are targeted to your own shopping behavior. Right?

You looked for a new set of golf clubs a couple days ago, and now the banner ads are showing those SAME CLUBS, and now they are $50 off with a coupon code in the ad. Am I right again?

OK, with the exception of banner ads directly targeted to your own shopping behavior, you, like the rest of us, have probably become pretty numb to banner ads. That is a problem that marketers are solving by “burying” sales copy in articles and blog posts.

Now, that is putting it bluntly and not entirely accurately, because native advertising must more subtle and far less obvious than sales copy. But it is carefully crafted to motivate buyers or opt-ins, nonetheless.

Ryan Northover posted on Social Media Today, describing native advertising this way:

Native advertising adds value to the user experience. It entertains, informs and engages. It fits beautifully and seamlessly into the user experience. It hits the right demographic at exactly the right time. It contains awesome content and it gets people talking.”

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