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Negotiating In Your Info Product Business

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You WILL need to develop negotiating skills in order to build a business. That goes for any business, of course, but negotiating in your info products business will start on Day One.

In a way, you’ll be negotiating as you select your topic. In this exercise you’ll have some internal negotiations going on personally, or perhaps you have a business partner and you have continuing discussions with him or her.

Once your topic is selected, then you will move into a different arena. You will be creating and then promoting your information products and interacting with other people in order to promote yourself and your products.

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Bob Bly’s “Rule of 3”

I like Bob Bly’s “Rule of 3,” which comes from one of the free articles posted on his website. Bly explains:

“Before you sit down to bargain, you should have three figures or positions fixed firmly in your mind:

The maximum–the highest figure. The most you dare ask for without fear of “blowing away” your Opponent.

The minimum–the bottom line. The lowest figure you’d settle for.

The goal–a realistic figure you have a good chance of getting. The goal is probably between 50 and 75 percent of the maximum.”

If you keep Bly’s Rule of 3 firmly in mind when you negotiate for speaking opportunities and publishing opportunities, two situations you will inevitably face building your information marketing business, you will be well-equipped to prevail. Knowing your goal and focusing on your goal with determination and flexibility (those two are NOT mutually exclusive) will really help you meet your goals.

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