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If you’re in the business of selling info products, you need to keep abreast of the latest technology that will help you improve your results. This past weekend I was a speaker at an event that was ALL about technology.

The folks at ComF5, what I affectionately call CoolVideoTool, held a meeting to announce their latest product offerings. When the weekend was done, my FIRST inclination was to check on the stock price and start BUYING.

Since many of the new products are not yet fully released, I’m worried to start plugging them. That being said, I’m 1000% CONVINCED that this company is on the road to making some HUGE headway in the technology field. AND, every info marketer should take notice.


Because the tools they are releasing are crucial for helping both new and veteran marketers succeed.

When it comes down to it, the simpler you make your message the better. Overcomplicate anything and the chances of moving people to action evaporates.

For me, this company has always been about TWO major things that I can very easily explain. YES, I’m excited about the new products that are coming out. Yes, they will be “cool” and revolutionary. BUT, I’m a simple guy. And, I like to present SIMPLE arguments in order to get people to take ACTION.

There is NO doubt that VIDEO EMAIL is the future. As my buddy Shawn Eifferman always says: people would rather talk than type and those same people would rather watch than read. Video is ALREADY the future in most other areas. MTV. YouTube. I rest my case.

Why has the video revolution not yet taken hold with email? To me, it’s simple. Not EVERYONE has a video camera attached to their computer. Thank God I’m a MAC guy. Virtually every computer they sell has a built in ISight camera. Luckily, PC folks can now get a VERY decent webcam for under $100!

If video email is the FIRST major “thing”, then LIVE BROADCASTING is the second. I do a lot of work with professional speakers. The VAST majority of them have egos the size of a small planet. These folks (and many others of their ilk) are naturals for this new technology.

Imagine having your own TV STATION that you can use 24/7, 365 to broadcast to an UNLIMITED number of people for a fee of $10 a month? If you have quality information to communicate to customers and prospects, this is the ideal way to do it!

When I spoke to the group on Friday, I stressed the need to keep things SIMPLE. It’s an overused philosophy, yet few people REALLY DO IT. Everyone tends to overcomplicate their message.

Are YOU overcomplicating YOUR message? If so, STOP it.

That being said, regardless of the field you’re in, you’re going to have to get on board the video email train soon. Unless you still have an 8 TRACK player for your music. If you DO, then count yourself EXCUSED.

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