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If you think that blog posts on your own website are never going to be seen because you don’t have much traffic to your website yet, take heart. The good news is that you are wrong. Yes! Sometimes it’s good to be wrong. Take a deep breath because your life as a blogger is about to take a giant step forward.

My daily blog posts appear up on my Facebook page and my Amazon page. And they do it AUTOMATICALLY, which is my favorite part.  One blog post has many info marketing faces because of the credibility of the environment where it appears.

Information marketing blogging

Are you thinking that writing blog posts everyday is a waste of time because nobody is going to see them or read them anyway? I guess it’s time to think again.

I write each post once, and my cogent comments on info marketing appear on sites that MILLIONS of people frequent every day.  Twenty years ago I probably wouldn’t have believed that something like this would ever be possible.

Are you still stuck in the past? Are you thinking that writing blog posts everyday is a waste of time because nobody is going to see them or read them anyway?  I guess it’s time to think again.

While it’s true that readers can comment on my blog posts, and I genuinely encourage comments, good and bad, the links on Facebook and Amazon take readers to my own website to leave a comment .  That means they are not commenting directly on Facebook or Amazon. And it means that I still have a little more control over comment content.

Surf around and check out these links to visualize what I’m sharing, and consider what your blog posts can really do for you and your info marketing now.

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