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One Powerful Intention To Market Information Today

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I think that you need one powerful intention to market information today. You can have a million ideas, and you can even get started on multiple projects at the same time (although it’s pretty distracting) but your basic intention is what drives you.  It is the foundation of all your activities, if you choose it consciously.

Your intention is, of course, your own business. But my suggestions here are based on many years of working with clients and customers, as well as joint venture partners. I’ve watched a lot of people take off with jet –propelled energy and enthusiasm once they identified and began to focus on one powerful intention.

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One Powerful Intention To Market Information Today

Patti Digh, author of Life Is A Verb, offered a few comments on this subject in a recent podcast, as well as in an article on the web:

“I think we believe in order to be creative, we must have free reign, no holds barred, open space, and time without restrictions. But I’ve come to know that creativity actually needs structure. That seems paradoxical, perhaps, but I believe that from imposed structure comes great creativity.”

Digh set an intention to post one essay to her blog each Monday, which she has done. It fuels her creativity because she is TAKING ACTION on her intention. That is a perfect picture of something you can do, too. You can choose to blog at least once a week on your information marketing blog in order to build content and momentum as you create and market your info products.

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