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Online Communities For Information Marketing

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I have noticed that offering subscription-based online communities has become very popular in the last couple years. It is a relatively inexpensive way for clients and customers to stay connected to professional advice that would cost them a lot more if they paid hourly consulting fees. Plus, online communities for information marketing tend to inform and inspire each other as mutual relationships build over time.

Managing an online community is a job. I don’t need another job because I’ve already created quite a few for myself. But it may be a job that works out well for your info products business. Or, it may be a job you are able to outsource in order to benefit from the community interaction and sales, but without creating another job for yourself.


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Online Communities For Information Marketing

Sean D’Souza of Psychotactics has written a new book about building an online community, and shares his qualifications for doing so:

The interesting part is that we earn between 90-95% of our income from that community. And no, it’s not because we charge a huge membership fee. In fact, it’s very modest at just $259 a year.

But even that’s not the most interesting part. The most interesting part is that we don’t have thousands of members.  Amazingly, we have just 450 members–despite being around 10 years.

And yet, these 450 members show up to all our online courses, our live workshops, buy a ton of our products. Often, you can’t even get on a course, because the members have taken every seat in less than an hour.”

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