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Online Search That Reveals Your Info Products

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Now, I do not claim to have expert-level knowledge on the subject of online search that reveals your info products in the best possible light, but I do know that it can be accomplished.

One fact I learned lately (thanks to HingeMarketing) is that online search is the second most common way that businesses find new professional services firms. The first most common method is referrals, of course. It’s great when your business comes primarily from referrals because it’s easy and there is an immediate level of trust.

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Online Search That Reveals Your Info Products

But some of your potential clients and customers are using Google for their referral engine. They are surfing around, generally starting with the first-page results and moving down the list, looking at websites, comments and testimonials of some of your competitors.

You really want to be where these people are searching, high in the page rankings for the search terms they are using. In fact, you should be aiming for a spot at or near the top of the heap. You want to rank as high as possible for your keywords.

If you’re selling custom Beta Fish food, you want to rank for that phrase. If you’re selling one-day dentures, you want to rank for that one. It’s not complicated, although achieving a top spot has become about as frustrating as hitting a moving target. The parameters utilized by the various search engines are always changing, and it’s a full-time career keeping up with them.

Make sure you hire an expert or get up to speed yourself so that your information marketing products gain a first-page ranking and your potential customers find you easily in their online searches.

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