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Only Two Reasons To Blog?

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I don’t agree. One writer with a popular blog for writers said, “Every piece of content you write on a blog has to either solve a problem or entertain the reader.” Only two reasons to blog? What about INFORMATION? I realize that all writers are information marketers, but in fact they should be. They should be marketing their books, at the very least.

C. Hope Clark is entitled to her opinion of course, and she has quite a following, so I probably shouldn’t take issue with her. But I just can’t help but wonder about all those writers and how they are marketing their books and e-books online and offline.

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Only Two Reasons To Blog?

Writers of fiction are in the same situation now, too. They are not immune to marketing. Non-fiction and fiction authors all have to jump into the fray and get attention in order to make sales. For the most part, traditional publishers are NOT interested in new authors unless they have been building a following online. It is the way of the world and it’s all about marketing. Period.

Chris Steiner has a different take on blogging, and it involves SEO. His post on Search Marketing Standard includes the following, “And we all know that acquiring links is one of the cornerstones to a successful page rank. According to a recent survey by TopRank, 54% of search marketers see a measurable lift in page rank within the first three months of a blogging campaign.”

In other words, there’s yet another big reason to be blogging – it boosts the page ranking of your website, bringing you more traffic and sales.

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