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Optimizing Your Videos For Information Marketing

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Benjamin Spiegel gave this advice on ClickZ this week, and it applies to optimizing your videos for information marketing :

“Whether you host your company videos on your brand’s website or upload to YouTube will have dramatically different search results with Google. Each platform has its distinct benefits to the marketer, with distinct optimization strategies and tactics to follow in order to rank well, and maximize search visibility and conversions.”

This is pretty basic information to consider before shooting and uploading videos. Let’s get a little more of Spiegel’s thinking now:

info marketing videos optimization

Optimizing Your Videos For Information Marketing

“Tip No. 1: To gain high video views, strong brand impression, and visibility online, post the video on YouTube.

Tip No. 2: In order to optimize for Google Search and achieve strong ranking on, consider a triple play – host your video on your website, on YouTube, and embed the YouTube video on your brand’s website as well.”

While Tip No. 2 may be more relevant for big brands, solo entrepreneurs marketing information online  with videos need to realize the distinct difference between hosting on YouTube and hosting on a website. Not only are they different locations on the web, but they will rank differently as well.

The main point is this – when your video is hosted on your own website it draws traffic to your website, not directly to YouTube. That’s a big deal in order to increase your page rankings.

Spiegel’s summary makes sense for all of us marketing information with videos and optimizing for the best page rank and highest traffic. Basically, that’s all of us!

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