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Originality and Information Products

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Even though it’s getting more and more difficult to sort through the TV news, printed articles and online news and articles to determine what news is entirely legitimate, we absolutely have to remember that there may be conflict between originality and information products.

For the most part, I assume that anybody and everybody who is looking for the particular information I have for sale is too busy and very distracted. While those people may choose to be entertained whenever they desire, when they are seriously looking for information they want it straight. They want their information simple and easy to identify and to digest.


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Originality and Information Products

Howard A Tullman posted on this week, saying:

“Selling something new and different is a lot harder than selling something that’s familiar or something that’s just a little bit different and hopefully better. Most people are reluctant to try new things. ..

Originality is overrated. Pioneers end up with arrows in their back, and not a whole lot more. Don’t invent. Innovate.

Novelty is a nuisance. It means expensive training, a new learning curve, and lots of mistakes. Tried and true trumps all.”

I am thinking about Tullman’s suggestion, “Don’t invent, innovate.”  That’s a fascinating notion that could escape us without more attention. I read this suggestion to mean that you have to take something that is already familiar, a format for your product or the topic of your product, for a couple examples. And then you provide innovative ideas that expand on it.

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