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Pamphlets and Booklets Still Work to Market Information

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Those little pamphlets or booklets sitting around the doctors’ offices that give detailed information about various procedures or pharmaceuticals are usually provided by the manufacturers of medical supplies and drugs. Patients in waiting rooms may have time to look through the booklets, or pick them up to take home, especially if they are anticipating surgery or a change in meds.

Pamphlets and booklets still work to market information in the right circumstances. Although patients are often surfing on their smart phones in waiting rooms now, a pamphlet is easy to read and carry, and probably most significantly, easy to share.


Info Marketing Pamphlets and Books

Info Marketing Pamphlets and Booklets

Paulette Ensign is a timeless crusader for the use of simple pamphlets and booklets. She says,” Tell people the most basic recipe for accomplishing the most basic success in your area of expertise. It’s the best starting place and the best gift you can give those who want to know what you know. It doesn’t mean that’s as far as you go. It does mean you provide a valuable entry point for people who want to learn from you. Give them the basics and, as long as you’ve got more, they will come back for it from you when they are ready.

Handing a little booklet to a new acquaintance is more than a business card, yet less than a whole book. It is a tangible connection, unlike a link online. While a booklet may be discarded more often than it is read, those who choose to read it are forming a link for future connections with you as well.

And book publicist Elizabeth Marshall also tells her clients that small, well-crafted booklets filled with succinct information are less intimidating than full books for information marketing purposes. Makes sense.

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