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Part 2 – Is Information Marketing Becoming a Free-For-All?

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I hope you read Part 1 of Is Information Marketing Becoming a Free-For All? I already explained,

“Making the transition from “I am competing with everybody else out there” to “I am unique and my products and services are uniquely mine” is THE quantum leap to success.”

Now I’m going to explain how to do that, which is easier said than done. But it CAN BE DONE.

Veteran author and information marketer Brian Tracy said it perfectly in an email I received today:

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Is Information Marketing Becoming a Free-For-All?

“Developing clarity is one of the secrets to my success. Once I stopped spinning my wheels, I became a magnet for success.

My goals became laser-focused like a high powered telescope, and allowed me to envision my future success.”

Tracy gives the analogy of a high powered telescope. I’d like to offer a different one, which is a high powered microscope. That’s right, a micro-cosmic view instead of a macro-cosmic view. I don’t disagree with him in theory, but I’m suggesting that the first way to see yourself as unique and build an information marketing business on your uniqueness is to SEE YOUR UNIQUENESS clearly.

What do you have to offer that nobody else on the planet can offer?  You have YOUR perspective on your topics, YOUR experience and YOUR skills.  Packaging your uniqueness is what happens when you blog, write your e-books, shoot your videos, hold your webinars, and get in front of live audiences to speak.

The whole point of my two-part blog post is this – look very closely at what you know (go learn more if necessary) and how you are uniquely qualified to share it (think of every possible way to do so, online and offline).  You are a storehouse of value, just waiting to be marketed.  Understanding this is what makes it possible to prosper in the free-for-all market now.

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